Stephen Curry now Has 128 Consecutive Games with Three

The reigning NBA MVP has made at least 1 3-pointer in 128 consecutive games, passing previous record held by Kyle Korver at 127.

That task may not seem to be very difficult to do, but then again, that might be because it’s Curry who is doing it. Curry could probably keep making at least 1 3-pointer for like, at least the next 6 seasons. It isn’t difficult to imagine him doing that, unless he got injured at the very first minute in a game while he hasn’t scored yet.

Since last year, Curry has been redefining the basketball game. Lost are the days with big man dominance down low in the paint. While this era of the game has been shooting-heavy for a few years, the way Curry does it is totally on a whole different level.

He doesn’t just shoot normal on-catch 3-pointers, he shoots them after making a dribble move, he shoots them off the ball screen, he does it while turning around, while doing a fadeaway, he even does it closer to the mid court than he is to the 3 point line, in a normal shooting motion!

Years ago, coaches would probably see it as a bad play, throwing threes from nearly mid court, and they probably still do now. But, when Curry does it, it isn’t always a bad play. It even has been quite of a normal sight for Curry to take those shots.

At this time, Curry is running away at the lead of the MVP race. He is the clear favorite to repeat as the MVP. Heck, unless a player does something really special, we might as well give Curry the trophy today.


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